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There is a big chance you could die because of the toxins in the tablet.

Do not chew.

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Q: What happens when you chew feminax express?
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If she is on her period and needs pain relief, then yeah it's kind of what feminax are for

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Feminax Ultra available from boots chemist

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Can you take feminax ultra with tranexamic acid 500mg?

Yes. Tranexamic acid lessens bleeding and Feminax ultra (Naproxen) is a painkiller. I have been prescribed both and was told by both the pharmacist and GP they were okay to take together. It is always best to consult your physician before taking two different drugs at the same time.

Is it extremely sore having periods?

I was sore for about two days when i was on. The best thing is feminax or paracetamol. I find paracetamol very helpfull.