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well it sort of depends usually wet.

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Q: Is kissing supposed to be wet or dry?
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Are you supposed to sure your hair while its wet?

No your not supposed to already spray it because it will dry up really badly

Is the virgina supposed to be wet or dry in normal day to day life?


Is open mouth kissing supposed to be wet?

Just lick them to get them moist, not wet. If you have soft lips, then you shouldn't have to worry. Everybody likes soft lips.It can be nice, if you are very passionate.

What is the weather supposed to be like in Africa?

Hot and dry in some plces and Humid and wet in others

Why do your lips chap after kissing?

becuase the other persons lips are wet and yours are use to being wte and then after you kiss they get dry and chapt

Should a dog's nose be hot and dry or cold and wet?

No. The dog should have a dry nose when sleeping and sometimes resting - depending on the breed, time of day, and energy level. During the day/night when it's not resting/sleeping then nose should be wet.

Is hair supposed to be wet or dry when you color it?

Hair should be dry when coloring it. Any moisture left in the hair will dilute the color and affect the desired results.

What is wet but is not wet but is dry but is not dry?

Something that is damp or emptiness. These two things are not wet or dry.

What is wet and dry cut of hair?

Wet they cut wet after shampoo-dry they cut it dry

Is it common for a puppy to have a dry nose?

i don't think so, dogs' noses are supposed to be wet on the outside

What is wrong if cats nose is cold?

Cat's noses are supposed to be cold and wet. If they're noses are warm and dry, that could be a problem. ;)

Are you supposed to die your hair while its wet?

No. It is always a better idea to dye it when your hair is dry, because the dye is less likely to irritate your scalp and further more, the color absorbs better in dry hair than wet. Hope this helps.