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limpid system

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Q: Which system creates an appetite for the things that keep you alive?
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Which system creates an appetite for the things that keep you alive such as good food and the company of other human beings?

Limpic System

What are the things that make living things alive?

the fact that they are alive

What of the living things come from things that were once alive?

Your home is made of trees that were once alive, as well as paper. Things you eat were once alive such as pumpkin seeds.

Is a river alive?

NO, it doesn't have any of the characteristics of living things.

What are Things that change?

things that change are things are alive or were alive. anything really. wood can rot over time and plastic can melt.

Is the digestive system alive?

Well, if your body is alive, all organs and tissues are alive. However, separate from the body, the digestive system would not function. Therefore, it cannot be said that the digestive system is "alive" apart from its functioning within the body.

What are non living things not made of?

most of them are actually made of metal, cloth, rubber, leather and plastic Under non-living things, there are two groups: 1) Once Alive 2) Never Alive Once alive are things that are from alive things such as the skin of the snake used to make a handbag. The snake skin is a non-living thing but it was classified under once alive. Never alive are things such as some diamonds, minerals that are extracted from the ground. They are not alive, not even from where they are extracted. That is never alive.

How is the skeletal system kept alive?

The skeletal system receives a blood supply, just as every other system of the body does. Blood carries all the necessary oxygen, nutrients, and other things needed to support life.

Do all living organisms gives off waste?

Yes, it is one of the things that make something alive.

What eats or creates conk shells to the point of engrossing all of it but the opening and bothe parts be alive?


Is h2o alive?

No, H2o is water, so it is not alive. But it does carry living things, although it is technically not alive.

What makes living things different from living things?

Living things are alive.