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Organic compounds, such as old, rotten vegetables and fruits are best.

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Q: What types of garbage can be used for compost?
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What is the difference between a garbage can and a compost bin?

A garbage can or rubbish bin is used if the contents are not intended to be sorted, reused recycled or composted. A compost bin is used for organic material that can be broken down by bacterial actio,n or through digestion by worms, to create compost.

How do you make home made soil?

compost garbage

How much of the garbage that Americans produce is able to be compost?


What is a vericomposit pit?

It's a hole with some garbage and worms. The worms eat the garbage and turn it into compost.

What kinds of garbage does North America compost?

Only certain types of garbage are fit for composting no matter where one lives. A good compost will consist of organic material such as lawn clippings, leaves, plant cuttings. Certain types of household waste can also be added such as vegetable trimmings, fruit peelings, no meat or bones or animal products. There are actually a very small percentage of Americans who compost or even take the time to recycle. They pay a fee to have private companies pick up their garbage and haul it away to be dumped in a huge pile preferably as far away from their homes as possible, though a few cities have made recycling mandatory.

What can happen if you do not compost?

if you don't compost the garbage will stay there a million years and that's even worse afriacian americian will die there because that area is is worse you,ll die there that's why you need to compost.

What is the adverb for spoiled?

ruin, rot, decay, decompose

How can dwarf wedge mussel be saved?

we can save it by starting to compost all garbage and paper in compost bins instead of throwing it in the lakes and rivers and oceans and lakes of the world.

What are compost tumblers used for?

A compost tumbler is a drum mounted on rollers that has an attached crank thus making the turning of the compost easier. This turning mixes air with the composting material and speeds up the composting process. You can make your own or you can buy one from Compos Tumbler or other gardening companies.

What are the main types of energy used in Sweden?

They burn trash/garbage to make electricity.

What types of containers can be used as compost containers?

There are a variety of containers that can be used for your compost pile. You can purchase containers specifically designed to hold your compost, or you can get creative and make your own. This can be done using plastic storage containers, wood, trash cans, etc. You can also choose to forgo a container altogether, and just have a free standing compost pile in your garden.

What does organic garbage turn into after you compost it?

A dark brown, fresh smelling, nutrient rich organic material called humus is what organic garbage turns into after it's composted.