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Your periods aren't determined by the dates on the calendar, they are determined by your menstrual cycles and your cycles will never perfectly sync up with the calendar months. The average menstrual cycle is 28 days which is shorter than a month, cycles can change, and months aren't all the same lengths - there's no reason at all to think your period would always occur on the same day every month.

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2014-07-19 23:54:19
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Q: Why do your periods start earlier every month?
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Do you have your period every month when you first start?

You may not have your period every month when you first start. This is because your periods will be irregular.

What causes girls to start their periods earlier than others?

EVERY GIRL IS DIFFERENT. They all have different genes and hormones

In what month does Ramadan start?

Ramadan is tied to a Lunar Calendar. So the month will start earlier and earlier every year. This year it was approximately September 13th. Ending October 11th.In 2009, it will be from August 22nd to September 21st.

When do girls usually get their periods?

Most girls will start their periods between the ages of 11 and 14. It can start earlier or later than that though.

How long periods should stand?

They start for at least a month.

Can 9 year olds have their periods?

Yes, Every girl goes through puberty at her own pace. Although most girls get their periods between ages 10 and 16, some start a little earlier and others a little later.

Can you start your period at 12?

You sure can. Many girls are starting their periods earlier than they ever have in the past.

Do girls start their period every month?

girls should have their peroid every month unless that girl is pregnent

What does it mean to have your period start on the last day of the month?

It doesn't mean anything, it just means that your period happened to start on the last day of the month. When your periods start have nothing to do with the calendar date.

When does spring start on Howrse?

On the 15th of every month.

Is it ok if your periods does not stop?

Yes, but htey should start again in a month, 2 or 3

What foods help start periods?

no foods can help start periods, trust me, I've searched that a whole lot! you start a new cycle when your body is ready to release blood and there is nothing you can do to make it come faster or slower, or earlier or later... sorry!

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