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Yes, but htey should start again in a month, 2 or 3

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Q: Is it ok if your periods does not stop?
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Does having a bath during periods stop the periods?

No, having a bath during periods does not stop periods. Menstruation isdetermined by your menstrual cycle, water is amazing but it does not have the magical ability to stop time in order to stop menstruation.

Does mastubation stop periods?

No, masturbation does not stop periods. There are many things that stop periods, Bulimia ,anorexia , use of oral contraceptives, menopause and pregnancy to name a few

Why do girls whine about their periods?

They don't ok. You are clearly an idiot. It may seem like we are moaning but take it from me periods f***ing hurt ok? So be nice.

Is it ok if your period stops before starting the next pack of birth control pills?

Yes, BCPs can even cause periods to stop completely. Continue with pills as directed.

Can ciploxx stop periods?


Will drinking alcohol stop your periods?


What does it mean when you have 2 periods in one month and not a period the following month?

You probally just have eregular periods its ok.

What is the meaning of ROSARY?

Stop cheating ok ok

Is it ok to stop taking the sugar pills after 4 days because your periods have finished and start the next month's pills?

No. Take them the way you are suppose to, do not skip any pills. This is important for a regular cycle.

When you get old do you have periods?

No, women go through menopause at around age 50, when their ovaries stop releasing eggs (ova) and, therefore, they stop having periods.

What age does the periods stop for a dog?

intell it death that wen the body stop working

Is it ok if you get periods at ten years?

you know it's young, and sad for the people that do start it at that age. And you know doesnt matter, because any age you can start it, and also if you do you stop your period at 50 years old