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It starts between the ages of 10-16. Once you start it you will have it every month for about a week. It is okay if your body skips a month. Hope I helped!(: -13 yer old girl that started her period at 10.(:

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Q: When do menstruation happen?
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Can Endometriosis happen before the start of menstruation?


What happens to the lining of the uterus after menstruation?

You will wait for another 28 days until a sperm cell enters your body. If not, menstruation will happen again.

What food should you eat to have a menstruation?

Menstruation does not happen because of the food that you eat as it is a natural bodily function which occurs every twentyeight days or thereabouts for women only another word for menstruation is your period.

Can you fall pregnant while having your menstruation?

Yes you can. It is comparatively rare but it can happen.

What will happen if you rubbed your genitalia during menstruation?

Much the same as would happen at any other time, but possibly with more mess.

Does anything happen on menstruation cycle if you do loat of fingring?

Not at all. It's perfectly normal and healthy.

Will menstruation or ovulation happen after a bilateral ovariectomy?

No, the ovaries are the organs responsible for these events and they are now removed.

What are some changes which happen during puberty?

For males, there is increase in size of testis. For females there is onset of menstruation.

What are the major changes that happen during puberty?

In males, the testis become larger. In females, menstruation starts.

What is menstruation and why does it happen?

When menstruation happens, it develop an egg cell and carried out with the lining of the uterus called the endumetrium because it dies. If a serm cell enter on it it start to secretes the covering that prevents other spem cells enter. During that, menstruation stops because the blood came from the uterus protect it and give nourish to the fertilized egg. It usually happen because a sperm cell meet it

Can you ovulate befour you get your period?

Yes, ovulation always comes before menstruation. Menstruation is what happens if you ovulate but don't get pregnant, the uterus gets ready for potential pregnancy and if that doesn't happen then it sheds ready for the next cycle.

What is the effect of beer in menstruation?

can beerinduced menstruation

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