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Q: Whats the best position to get pregnant?
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What is the best sleeping position when you are pregnant?

What is the best sleeping position when you are pregnant?

Best position for pregnant woman?

how can i make love with pregnant woman

What the best sex move to having a baby?

The missionary position is among the best sex positions to get pregnant faster. Though the missionary position is considered the optimal position for pregnancy, you can get pregnant by having sexual intercourse in any position.

If you are unsure that you are pregnant which is the best way to sleep?

You can sleep in any position you want whether pregnant or not.

What is the best sexual position to get pregnant twins?

Having sex is a good way to start to conceive. However, conception of twins depends on the splitting of the egg, or upon several eggs being produced at once. Twins often run in families, leading to the strong possibility that the conception of twins is a genetic feature more than happenstance.

What sexual position is best to try and get pregnant?

Girl on top lol

Whats the Youngest age you can get pregnant?

a girl can get pregnant at one year old

Whats a fast way to get a girl pregnant?

Introduce her to me. lol whats ur email address

Whats the best sex posision?

Since it is all pleasurable to the male, the best position is the one that gives the female the most pleasure to not only her clitoris but also her vagina.

What is the best sexual position to get pregnant?

The most popular sex position is still the missionary. Although it is simple, there are many variations to it that will enhance pleasure for both partners. Check out for more info on sex positions. :)

You are 30 weeks pregnant and your baby is in the head down position is that bad?

No, that is absolutely the best position for your baby to be in. He/she will probably stay that way now until it is born.