What the best sex move to having a baby?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The missionary position is among the best sex positions to get pregnant faster. Though the missionary position is considered the optimal position for pregnancy, you can get pregnant by having sexual intercourse in any position.

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Q: What the best sex move to having a baby?
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What is the best timing for a woman for having a baby boy?

You can not determine what sex it will be, but if you do it while you're on your period than you are more likely to have a baby.

What sex position improves your chances of having a baby boy?

Sex positions have got nothing to do with the sex of the baby.

Can you tell the sex of your baby by doing a litmus test on the mom like they did decades ago?

No, this isn't accurate. The best way to determine the sex of your baby is by having a ultrasound from 16 weeks.

How do elephants make a baby?

by having elephant sex.

Journey into the womb?

The journey to the womb would be when the female and male had finished having sex then the sperm and egg fertilise and move to the room which the embryo then becomes a baby

Is Nick Jonas the father of Miley Cyrus's baby?

No , because she have not have sex with him. And she is not having baby.

What are your cause on having baby in your womb an early age?

Babies come from having sex.

How do you get pregnant when your boyfriend has a 5 percent chance of having a baby?

have a lot of unprotected sex and hope for the best. Or get the money together for an IVF treatment.

How a hamster has a baby?

move the male in the females cage and they will have sex and have babies

What are the chances of having a sex unproctevtive having a baby?

1/10 depends on the condition of the woman

What to do if your best friend makes your girlfriend like him more then yourself?

think sex!!!! be adventurous and have sex with both together to show her up. Wish them well and move on. Having sex to get revenge can't ever work out for good.

How can you induce the labor of a breech baby?

People can induce labor of a breech baby by eating spicy foods, having sex, and riding in a car on a bumpy road. It is best, however, to allow the baby to come out in their own time.