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You can not determine what sex it will be, but if you do it while you're on your period than you are more likely to have a baby.

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Q: What is the best timing for a woman for having a baby boy?
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What is the earliest you can have a baby and it still live?

Let me put this out there. It isn't your living but the baby. A young woman having a baby at too young of an age is more likely to have a baby with problems than an older mother. If you are going to be a good mother you want to have the best baby you can and that means that your body has to be mature enough to carry one to full term. You may not know this but young mothers often have to have their uterusstitched closed because they are too young to carry the baby full term. Your body must be at the best health and ready to produce the best baby. What you do affects how this baby will learn and grow.

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By having intercourse with her and insert your penis in her vagina and ejaculate there.

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My baby's heart rate at exactly 6 weeks gestation is 132b pm the size of my baby is 4.2mm is this a healthy and safe range and can I tell if I am having a girl or a boy?

In most cases, 132bpm is a normal range for a baby at 6 weeks gestation. However, concerning its health, it is best to consult a doctor. As long as the woman carrying the baby is healthy, the baby should be as well. Gender determination happens later in the gestation as the genital developed later on.

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