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have a lot of unprotected sex and hope for the best. Or get the money together for an IVF treatment.

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2010-09-02 20:29:02
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Q: How do you get pregnant when your boyfriend has a 5 percent chance of having a baby?
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Does Emily fields get pregnant?

Yes, in the book she did get pregnant after having sex with her ex-boyfriend.

What are the chances of being pregnant if your boyfriend and you had unprotected sex but you got your period 2 days after having sex?

there's still a chance, get tested. === === You can get pregnant before, during or after your period ... Period! The only 100% guarantee of not getting pregnant is to either totally abstain from sexual intercourse or have a hysterectomy operation. That all there is to know about getting pregnant ... PERIOD! REAL ANSVER:No that is wrong! If you had your period after having sex then there is NO chance of getting pregnant, afterall the period tells you that your current eg is dead, and the seemen do not live so long that it can get you pregnant after your period is done. Sadly there will always be people telling you that you can get pregnant off allmoust ennything, moustly its people "off god" who trys to scare ung people, dont get trict by them, visit your doktor and aks him/her, dont belive people who say that you have to be absint from sex ore get a wierd operation to not get pregnant, just use condoms! :)

How many percent of married man leave his pregnant wife?

AS far as I know married man with a pregnant wife who's having an affair, hardly leave their wife. I guess only one percent of married man do leave their pregnant wife for a reason that they are not ready for big responsibilities of parenthood.

What should you do if my boyfriend is coming over and my parents won't be home?

You should not be having your boyfriend over if they're not home. Your parents won't trust you if you do things like that behind their backs. Plus, if you and your boyfriend end up having sex, you could become pregnant and ruin your life before you're even grown up.

You had the Mirena IUD put in 6 weeks after having your second child and you havent got a period yet you have gained 10 pounds and you feel pregnant Can I be get pregnant with an IUD?

yes, you can get pregnant with an IUD. my friend got pregnant with hers, because the doctor put it in sideways. if the doctor dont put it in correctly, there is a chance you can get pregnant again.

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Is it possible to get pregnant if the guy only has a 1 per cent chance of having kids?

Ummm yes. About a one percent possibilty.

Can a pregnant 15 year old move in with her boyfriend in Texas?

No, but there is a very good chance boyfriend can face criminal charges for having sex with her (at 15 she is legally incapable of consenting to sex).

You haven't had sexual intercourse But your boyfriend and you fool around you're pretty careful tho This months however your period is there a chance you could be pregnant even without having had sex?

No there is no chance of pregnancy occurring.

Does Emily fields get pregnant?

Yes, in the book she did get pregnant after having sex with her ex-boyfriend.

How did Toycie get pregnant in the novel Beka Lamb?

Troycie got pregnant by having sex with her boyfriend Emilio.

You kiss your boyfriend and you hug can that get you pregnant?

No. You can only get pregnant by having sexual intercourse, where sperm enters the vagina.

When is the less chance to be pregnant?

When your not having intercourse or when u are using a contraceptive

If you would rather have a 2 percent chance of living than a 98 percent chance of dying then you are suffering from what?

The framing effect can explain why a person would feel better about having a 2 percent chance of living.

Me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected and it's been that way for everyday for 2months now and i just recently got my period but is very light nothing like my normal period i get?

your goimg to be pregnant if you are then its going to be your fault because your suppose to be protected and if your boyfriend finds out your pregnant their might be a chance he mite leave you!!!!!

Can an 11 year old get pregnant without period?

Yes there is a chance of getting pregnant without having periods

Cau get pregnant if your boyfriend hugs you from the bak?

No you can only get pegnant from having actual sex.

If you take feritlity pills when you can get pregnant will you still increase your chance of having multiples?

if i take a fertility pills when i got pregnant/

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