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Girl on top lol

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Q: What sexual position is best to try and get pregnant?
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Is it possible to get conceived if the female is in upper and male is in down position?

A woman can get pregnant if she is on top. As long as sperm meets egg, it doesn't matter which sexual position you try.

Do you decide to be pregnant or not?

You can decide not to be pregnant by taking measures that will prevent you becoming pregnant. However, all measures carry a risk of failure if you decide to have sexual intercourse.You can not decide to become pregnant - all you can do is try and become pregnant, (by having sexual intercourse without using contraceptives).

What is the best position to do in bed?

It depends. Try different positions and see what feels right. Laying on the back with face up is usually best. Pregnant women must not go on their stomach while sleeping.

If a boy touch' girl chest do she get pregnant?

No. Through only sexual intercourse between a man and a woman will the woman become pregnant, but I seriously wouldn't try that if you can't even spell 'Pregnant' properly.

How can you stop being horny?

Try to nit think about anything sexual or anything that turns you on. This can be pretty complicated (Don't believe me? try it..) so if possible the best way is to masturbate or have sexual intercourse, to calm your body from sexual tension

What vitamin is good for sexual arousal?

sorry my English is not correct but i try my best ? the best vitamin good for sexual is Vitamin E . to take every single a day than you will see the result . by

Can doggie style get a woman pregnant?

Yes, you can get pregnant from doggie style This was the normal way of doing sex at one time. The human race would have died out if it didn't work.Yes, regardless of sexual position. If intercourse is had which includes actually inserting the penis into the vagina, you can get pregnant. EVEN IF he does not have an orgasm, precum is all that is required for you to get pregnant. ( use condoms and it is no big deal ) . If you wish to have sex without risk of pregnancy, try oral or hand jobs. :)

What side to sleep on when your pregnuant?

try to avoid sleeping on your back whilst pregnant, the best position is to lie on your left side with your knees tucked up slightly. To avoid pressure on your left leg, put a pillow between your knees. This position is also believed to encourage your baby to get in a better position and ease the discomfort of childbirth.

What is the best way to impregnate a woman?

Try having sex! this might help. Also try anal it's the best way of getting a bit of clunge pregnant.

What are the best sexual positions if you have a small penis?

If you have a small penis, the best one's are where you get the deepest penetration. Try having the woman on top sitting on you.

Best love making position?

Vary for each woman, just try to find the best comfortable positon for both of you.

Where can one get tips on getting pregnant?

The best recommended way to get pregnant or conceive is to find out when you are ovulating and try. The days you are ovulating are the days you are most fertile.

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