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Q: What is the best sleeping position when you are pregnant?
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What is the best position to sleep in with a slipped disc?

The best sleeping position for a slightly herniated disk is on an individual's back. Sleeping on the back extends the vertebrae and relieves the pressure on the spine.

What is the best position to do in bed?

It depends. Try different positions and see what feels right. Laying on the back with face up is usually best. Pregnant women must not go on their stomach while sleeping.

Best position for pregnant woman?

how can i make love with pregnant woman

When do pregnant woman have to stop sleeping on their stomach?

When it starts getting uncomfortable, probably sometime between 16 and 20 weeks. The best position to sleep while pregnant is on your side, with a pillow between your legs and another under your abdomen.

Whats the best position to get pregnant?

Just the upwardhorse

What the best sex move to having a baby?

The missionary position is among the best sex positions to get pregnant faster. Though the missionary position is considered the optimal position for pregnancy, you can get pregnant by having sexual intercourse in any position.

Can you get pregnant by not sleeping together?

It's not the sleeping that gets you pregnant. It's what you do when you're awake.

If you are unsure that you are pregnant which is the best way to sleep?

You can sleep in any position you want whether pregnant or not.

What sexual position is best to try and get pregnant?

Girl on top lol

What is the best or recommended sleeping position scientifically and or logically and why?

The recommended sleeping position is on your back, because it is easiest on your back, neck, and head. It can also prevent acid indigestion during the night because your head is kept above your stomach.

Can you get pregnant if the guy was sleeping?

Sleeping or not, there is still sperm in his ejaculate so yes.

If your boyfriend suddenly start eating a lot and sleeping a lot could you be pregnant?

Your boyfriends eating and sleeping habits have no bearing on whether you are pregnant.