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i prefer to the light side, small (i HATE BIG), and not pointy

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Q: What kind of nipples do guys like?
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Do guys like small breasts with big nipples?

Most guys do.

Do guys like it when girls nipples show?

There are many guys who like it when they can see girls' nipples. This is considered a sexual attraction and is common accentuated during sexual relations.

Do guys like big nipples?

Most guys usually do like big nipples because it makes them feel like they have a sexier girlfriend....which makes them want to show offSome guys like big nipples some dont. Its just like every other thing about a girl, some guys are into it others are not. If you meet the right guy he will love everything about you.

Why do girls like it when guys suck on their nipples?

cause it feels good

How do guys describe tits they like?

Round, perky, pink nipples, good handful

Why do men suck girls nipples?

For the same reason some guys like to suck other guys' nipples; it brings pleasure to both!!! How about you dumb idiot it doesn't bring pleasure unless you do it with my brother cause he has hardly any nipples and don't be a dumas aspdognadsn gpajg

How do you make a guys nipples hard?

Ice them

What kind of guys do woman like?

Nice and kind guys that will treat them right. That are funny and that they can be themselves around.

What is the phrase about monkey nipples and Edward Albee?

"They like the way they move. It's a familiar kind of dance, monkey nipples … they both knows it".

Do guys enjoy when the girl is stimulating his nipples?

Some do.

Why do girls have to cover their nipples when guys don't?

the pervs of the world find woman nipples sexual but not men.