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yes definitely they do..

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Q: Do guys pay attention to the appearance of nipples?
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How do girls make guys feel?

Girls make guys feel as if they need to pay attention on them. They want all the boys to see her package.When they dont pay attention to her she gets mad

Why dont guys pay any attention to there girlfriends?

If you have a boyfriend who doesnt pay attention to you then you dont have a very good boyfriend most boyfriends pay attention to their girlfriends because they dont want others to know that their girfriend is so ugly

Who has better memory men of female?

Females have a better memory because i tested it and they got more questions correct than guys. To me, girls have better attention spans to pay attention than guys.

Does guys pay attention to girls they don't like?

well sort of. ask an actual dating site

Should guys pay more or less attention to girls that he's just now dating?


Why do guys want to make their crush jealous?

They think it will make them try harder and pay more attention to them.

Do guys really pay attention to girls when they take their hair down?

it depends on what type of guy u r dating

Do we say Pay your attention or draw your attention?

We say "draw your attention," and we tell someone to "pay attention," not "pay your attention."

What should you do with girl during sex to make her really happy?

Pay attention to her needs before yours, this is the biggest mistake guys do!

What can you text a guy to find out if he likes you?

You simply ask. And pay attention, this is not rocket science."Do you like me?"Guys love straight forwardness.

How Could you learn How do you do Math?

It helps if you pay attention in school.It helps if you pay attention in school.It helps if you pay attention in school.It helps if you pay attention in school.

What is the French word for pay attention?

Pay attention is "fais attention" or "faites attention" in French.