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cause it feels good

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Q: Why do girls like it when guys suck on their nipples?
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Why do men suck girls nipples?

For the same reason some guys like to suck other guys' nipples; it brings pleasure to both!!! How about you dumb idiot it doesn't bring pleasure unless you do it with my brother cause he has hardly any nipples and don't be a dumas aspdognadsn gpajg

Can you suck girls nipples?

Yes you can some girls like there nipples sucked on some don't you can

Why do boys suck a girls nipples?

because guys feel tasty and also feel wild

What does a girls nipples taste like?

If you were to suck on your own skin then suck on a girls nipple, it would be the same. The nipple doesnt taste of anything.

I have big niples?

That is a very good thing because guys love girls with big gives them more to suck

What are girls supposed to do while guys suck their nipples?

The whole point is that you enjoy it. Not all women do so then you tell him that. If you do enjoy it just lean back, relax and touch him back.

What can guys do that girls can not?

Everything that doesn't suck.

Do boys like it when you suck on their nipples?


What was the iron curtain referring to?

i like to suck nipples

What was the iron curtain reference to what?

i like to suck nipples

Why guys love licking nipples?

It Feels Good Because It is a Role Play And When He Touches Or Suck, Lick Or Bite!! Your Nipples It Has Severl Nerves That Gives You Pleasure.

Why is it that a lot of girls blush and smile at guys who are nice to them?

Cause most guys suck and girls are just happy your not a douchbag. Congrats.