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Most guys do.

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Q: Do guys like small breasts with big nipples?
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Really worried about my small breasts?

you shouldn't be worried about having small breasts. the stereotypical, "all guys like huge bookbs" is definitely not true. different guys like different size breasts, so there is nothing to worry about.

What kind of nipples do guys like?

i prefer to the light side, small (i HATE BIG), and not pointy

Your breasts are too small will guys like you?

It depends what the guy thinks. Some like big ones and some like small ones.

Do guys like it when girls nipples show?

There are many guys who like it when they can see girls' nipples. This is considered a sexual attraction and is common accentuated during sexual relations.

If you have small boobs will a guy still like you for who you really are?

Most definitely. us guys love breasts of all sizes. The size of breasts has nothing to do with how nice they look.

Do guys like big nipples?

Most guys usually do like big nipples because it makes them feel like they have a sexier girlfriend....which makes them want to show offSome guys like big nipples some dont. Its just like every other thing about a girl, some guys are into it others are not. If you meet the right guy he will love everything about you.

Do guys like to admire large breasts?

Not every guy likes large breasts on females. Each male has their own likes with the female body. Some men may prefer women with small breasts while others may not like breasts at all.

Do guys like to feel breasts?


Why do your breasts get bigger when you're with your boyfriend?

They Don't It feels like they get bigger when your aroused. Your breasts tighten and your nipples harden, feeling like they got bigger.

Should your breasts be pointy?

yes guys like it like that

Why are breasts heavy?

cause thats how guys like them

Do guys like big breasts or small?

Well we don't like nothing but we don't want them so big they Smuthor you a good size is a 36 c ;)