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It may be an ectopic pregnancy

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Q: What if your period is five days late but the test is negative?
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10 days late period negative result spotting?

Me to exalcley...

What does it mean if im 5 days late for my period?

It means your period is five days late. Only you know your chances of being pregnant.

Is it possible to be five days late get your period but still be pregnant?


You are about 4 days late for your period and your pregnancy test is negative?

It might be because its to soon for it to show

Why do you get negative pregnancy test results when your period is 10 days late?

maybe your pregnant, maybe your period cycle is changing

How does Bella tell edward she is peregnet?

She tells him that she's five days late for her period

How many days late period is normal?

five to seven days is normal, but take a pregnancy test to be sure :)

I am five days late with my period but i am not pregnant. What could cause this?

stress can cause your period not to come on so my advice is to see a physician

How do you know if you're pregnant if your period is late but your test says negative?

Wait a few days and if you don't get your regular period test again. If you get a positive result or still get a negative with no period within a few more days go see your dr as soon as possible.

Can pregnancy detected if you have 4 days missed period?

Usually four days late is enough time to get a positive test. If the test is negative and your period doesn't start, retest in one week.

Could i be pregnant if my period 18 days late no and gained weight have other pg symptoms and had one negative pt?

no because your period controls your pregnancy.

I'm 9 days late for my period Could I be pregnant?

Yes, you could be. I suggest that you take a pregnancy test. If it is negative and your next period is unusual/late/missing go and see the doctor or gynaecologist.

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