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the hell if i know

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Q: Why would your period be late 3 days every month for the last four months when it wuz regular for 2 years?
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What word means occurring every four months?

Quarterly (in other words 12 months divided by 4)

When do dogs come on their period?

Every six months for one month

When you only have your period every four months because of birth control do you still ovulate every month?

No, the point of birth control is so that your body will not ovulate so that you will not get pregnant. Your period is withdrawal bleeding, which is not the same as regular periods.

Is it normal to not have a regular period?

When you are just starting your period, it is normal for it to be irregular, but soon it will start to come every month. When you are just starting your period, it is normal for it to be irregular, but soon it will start to come every month.

Is It normal to get a period for 3 months regular then miss a period you are not pregnant and you were on the shot back in July?

i have been on the depot shot for three months my period did not come the fourth month what should i do

Does a regular period mean that you ovulate every month?

maybe. you can have periods and not ovulate and you can ovulate and not have periods.

How often do dogs get their period again?

they go into heat every four months for a whole month

Why are you asking these questions about being pregnant?

i dont know why, i get my period every month on a regular basis i am not pregnant

Will you get your period if on birth control pill?

yes you still will get your period on the pill. some pills you get your period every month and there are some pills that you have your period every three months. just talk to your doctor about what is right for you.

Should you de-worm your horse every 3 months 6 months every other month or once a month?

Every 3 months.

If your period starts at the end of a month and goes into the start of the next month does that mean your next period will come at the start of the next month?

no it is every 28 days not months..look on the internet if you're still unsure

If you have have'nt had a missed period till the 5th month does that mean you could be pregnant?

If your period is irregular it could miss a couple of months but if it is regular it should not unless you are pregnant

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