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50/100 or 40/100

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2009-11-21 01:53:07
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Q: If I had unprotected sex on the day I was already a week late for my period but now 7 days later I still havent gotten my period what are the chances I'm pregnant?
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Has anyone gotten pregnant on nexplanon?

Never. People get pregnant because they have unprotected sexual intercourse not because they take a particular drug.

A guy cumed in you 2 days before your period but you have already gotten it Are you pregnant?

no you will not get pregnant

What kind of medication is good for one who has had unprotected sex?

Aspirin for your headache while you sit there and worry if you have an STD or gotten someone pregnant.

When a cat has sex does it get pregnant every time?

If A Cat Has Already Littered And Has Gotten Fixed Then No They Don't Get Pregnant Again Or Every Time

Chances of conceiving naturally at age 48?

It depends on the woman! I've gotten pregnant at 46 and 47 without trying!

If you had unprotected sex and started your period the morning after is there anyway that you could have gotten pregnant you also had unprotected sex the week before?

Yes. Your body isn't clockwork perfect, so rhytm methods are notoriously unreliable. Out of women using them instead of contraceptives 19% will get pregnant within a year.

You had your implanon taken out two weeks ago and had intercourse during that time how soon can you tell if im pregnant and could you have gotten pregnant and not know yet and how soon can i tell?

You can tell if you're pregnant two or three weeks after unprotected sex.

While on the pill but forgetting to take it in the morning as usual but remembering just before having unprotected sex could you have gotten pregnant?

As long as you take your pill every day, the chances of getting pregnant are less than 1%. it also generally takes the female body three to six months after stopping the pill before the hormone levels even out enough to easily become, and remain, pregnant.

Did anyone get pregnant more than once after having there tubes tied?

Having your tubes tied is not entirely effective, if you've gotten pregnant once with them tied chances are you can again.

My belly has gotten big and I havent gotten my period yet does it mean I'm pregnant?

Unless you have been eating more, exercised less or the period is late you can be as long as you've had unprotected sex. The easy way to find out is buying a test at the store.

I had intercourse with no protection and then got my period could I have still gotten pregnant?

no you are not pregnent after unprotected inercourse if u got your perid means your ovum not used while u wait for sperm

Can you get pregnant while im fixed?

yes you can i gotten pregnant 3 times already but all were miscarriage and 1 in my tubes but because of my tubes came un tied

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