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More than likely just lucky. If you feel that you may have fertility issues you should see your Dr.

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Q: If a guy has never gotten a girl pregnant before without using protection does that mean he cant get a girl pregnant or that hes just been getting lucky?
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Can you get pregnant if you make love 1 day before your ovulation?

You can get pregnant any time you have sex without proper protection.

How long can a girl go without getting her rag before being pregnant?

7 weeks! 7 weeks!

Can you get pregnant 2 days before you period if you are on the pill and using protection?

I would say it is 98% unlikely to get pregnant 2 days before you period while you're on the pill and using protection.

How do you keep from getting pregnant with out using protection?

Well protection is the safest way to go..some if u dont wanna get PG then use protection but if u dont use protection then make sure he pulls out before he busts and make sure none of it gets down there.

Could I be pregnant if I didn't start my pack of bc pills when i was supposed to and and waited a week and had unprotected sex 2 days before i started them again?

There is always a great risk of getting pregnant when having sexual intercourse without a proper form of protection, especially if one does not follow instructions for their birth control pill.

Can a girl get pregnant one day before her period?

A girl can get pregnant any day if she's not using protection.

Can you get pregnant the night before you start your period and the next day have your period?

Yes. You can get pregnant anytime. Always use protection if you do not want to get pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if a guy came inside of you a week before you start your period?

you could be pregnant at anytime if a guy came inside of you without protection but is more likely to happen if youre ovulating, unless you dont have a uterus or ovaries

Was the Virgin Mary married before getting pregnant?

No the bible says Mary got pregnant before she married Joseph.

Can you still get pregnant before a cycle?

You usually ONLY get pregnant before a cycle. If you are having a cycle, then you are not pregnant, so your body is getting rid of the material that it built up over the past month getting you ready for pregnancy.

What is the risk of pregnancy if no protection is taken before 1 day of monthly cycle?

You could get pregnant

Can you get pregnant 2-3 days before your period?

It is possible, so you should make sure you use protection unless you're trying to get pregnant