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If you have sex two days before your period you are more than likely pregnant. Sperm last about three days in a females body. So,I'm pretty sure that you are pregnant because you are also ovulating before and after your period comes on and at the end of the cycle when it goes off

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Q: Does a girl get pregnant after period if intercourse was before period.later that person got pregnant.was that due to that sex before period or she should have had sex with someone else after period.?
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Could you be pregnant or is it in your head?

If you have had sexual intercourse with someone, then you could possibly be pregnant. If not, then you aren't.

How long does it take for someone to tell if they are pregnant?

14 days after intercourse.

Can someone get pregnant without having intercourse?

Only if sperm still finds a way to enter the vagina.

Can someone take an extra birth control pill after intercourse still get pregnant?

yes ou can still get pregnant, birth control is not 100%, no matter how many you take.

Can someone fall be pregnant if they have their period 2 weeks after intercourse?

see a doctor-Now....if you're afraid to, call a help it now!

Can you get pregnant from a man hitting you from the back?

If by "hitting" you mean literally hitting, then no. You cannot get pregnant from someone hitting you. If "hitting" is meant as a slang term for sexual intercourse...then via anal penetration, no. Via vaginal penetration, yes, you can get pregnant.

After physical relationship how many times to take pregnant-?

One cannot say how many times after having a physical relationship with someone that it can take to get pregnant. Pregnancy can occur on the first or second try, then again it could take several attempts at sexual intercourse for conception to occur. If you want to get pregnant then having sex around the time that you ovulate will increase your chances of a positive result.

If someone had a one night stand in feb continued having periods up until may then found out was pregnant and due in feb is there any change the father could be from the one night stand?

No. Presuming the due date is correct, a woman is pregnant for approximately 9 months. Having intercourse in February and deliverying a baby the next February is 12 months. Not possible he is the father. The father would be someone with whom she had intercourse in May or early June.

What does to ravish someone mean?

It means to rape someone or have sexual intercourse against their will.

What is considered a virgin?

Someone who has never engaged in sexual intercourse.

What do you mean vergin?

A virgin is someone who has not had sexual intercourse yet.

Do you have to be 16 to have sexual intercourse with someone over 18?