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It depends...

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Q: Can you get pregnant if m boyfriend nuts in you 1 day before your period comes on?
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Your Boyfriend Ejaculated in you on your last day of ovulation 12days before your period is due can you be pregnant if your period still comes?

If your period comes, it's unlikely that you're pregnant

If your period comes on early does that mean that you are not pregnant?

if your period comes on early does that mean that you are not pregnant?

Your boyfriend ejaculated inside of you 14 days before your period and then 2 days right before it came and now you got your period 2 days after Is it possible that you can be pregnant?

No you are not pregnant. Because he ejaculates and then you had your period so the eggs that you have to have babies are gone.Then your period comes again so the eggs are out now,and your ready to start your period you really shouldn't be having sex it's not very healthy and if it bothers you,you should go to the doctors and have a check-up to see if your pregnant.

Is it a miscarriage when a BIG black blob looking tissue ---like what comes out during my period but in small bits--- comes out during my period not knowing if i was pregnant before i got my period?


Can you get pregnant 6 days before your period comes?

You can get pregnant when you have your period after, before and even long after you've had sex ... sperm can lay dormant for a long time inside of a women all it needs is warmth ...

Is it possible for anyone to have a baby without starting there period?

Yes. Because a period comes at the end of the cycle, you can become pregnant before your first period.

How long does it take to get pregnant again after pregnancy?

It all depends when you start ovulating again. You can get pregnant again without ever getting a period since the egg comes before a period. If you breast-feed your period typically comes back later.

Can a girl get pregnant 5 days before her period comes?

It is possible to get pregnant at any point in the month, yes, even during your period. You should always take precaution if you do not want to become pregnant.

Can you still be pregnant after your period comes on?


Is it possible for a child to get pregnant before they start their period?

Yes, women ovulate BEFORE each period, so even before the first time we have our period, we ovulate. There is always that chance that they are about to start. (Ovulating is when the egg comes down)

Does a girl get pregnant after period if intercourse was before period.later that person got pregnant.was that due to that sex before period or she should have had sex with someone else after period.?

If you have sex two days before your period you are more than likely pregnant. Sperm last about three days in a females body. So,I'm pretty sure that you are pregnant because you are also ovulating before and after your period comes on and at the end of the cycle when it goes off

Could you be pregnant if you and your boyfriend had unprotected sex a day after your period ended and he pulled out without comming?

Yes. The pull out method is a myth. There is sperm in the fluid that comes out before an orgasm, as early as the first arousal. Also, not all women are the same when it comes to her period. Some have multiple periods in the same month, several days where it stops and begins agian, multiple egg release, etc. Its not safe to assume you won't get pregnant the day after a period.

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