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Yes, women ovulate BEFORE each period, so even before the first time we have our period, we ovulate. There is always that chance that they are about to start. (Ovulating is when the egg comes down)

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Q: Is it possible for a child to get pregnant before they start their period?
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Is it possible when you give birth can you child already be pregnant?

No. You have to have your period to become pregnant and you have to have a male figure

Can you be pregnant if you have a period that is kinda a medium flow and is red not brown?

While it is possible to have your period while pregnant, it is very rare. Women have been using the appearance of their period as a sign that they are not with child since ancient times. You are almost certainly not pregnant.

If you have unprotected sex 11 days before you were due your period could you get pregnant and then get your period when they were due 11 days after having unprotected sex?

"If you have unprotected sex 11 days before you were due your period could you get pregnant" Yes. because the womb has not bled out yet, and it still open. I don't think you can get pregnant and get your period at the same time, If that happened, the baby died. and you need to see a doctor. Are you under-age? The way to tell if your pregnant, Is if you missed your period, Irregularity does not mean you are having a child.

Can you get pregnant if your a child?

Yeah I am pretty sure you can as long as yOu have started your period.

Is it possible to be six or seven months' pregnant if you stopped having your period only three months ago and you are showing as if you are only about three months' along?

It is possible! I have a friend who found out she was seven months pregnant after having her period for six months. Although she thought she was only one month. She was sixteen at the time, so it could have been her age. Answer Yes it's possible it happened to my aunt when she was pregnant with her first child. She had a period for the first four months of her pregnancy she didn't even know until she had a check up and found out she was. The same thing happened with her second child as well.

What are the times you can get pregnant?

Record when you get you period. After ten days of your period have sex.The best time to get pregnant is when you are ready to take responsibility of bringing up a child.

If your on birth control and you get pregnant will you still get your period because of the hormones or will you not get your period like a regular pregnancy?

If you are pregnant you will not have any periods until after the child is born.

Can you become pregnant on your period if you think he cumed in you?

yes. I got pregnant with my second child when I had unprotected sex with my husband on the first day of my period, he did not pull out.

Is it possible to find out if your four or two weeks pregnant by blood test?

Yes, I found i was less than two weeks pregnant with my first child, they ran it twice to make sure. I wasn't even late for my period yet.

Do women lactate during period?

This is a weird question...If you think you are lactating then that means youre least 9 months pregnant. There is no way to be pregnant and have a period. Like i said...weird question. Bl4ckr0s3 ~ Well honestl yes it can happen. I had my period for 6 months while i was pregnant with my first child. I also was lactating. So yes it is possible, most just really don't know it apparently.

Is there a way to make your period come back with medicine so you can get pregnant after 52?

Not that it's any of my business, but do you really want to get pregnant after 52? When the child is 10 you'll be in your 60's an be unable to play with the child as normal. And your period isn't the thing that makes you pregnant. But no, you can't. Your hormones have stopped working, hence your period stopping.

Does spotting after 2 periods in one month mean your pregnant?

that depends on if your period is normal or not if it is probably not but if it is'nt there is a good chance that you might be pregnant but the only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test i am now pregnant with my third child and had a regular period for the first five months with my first so anything is possible good luck and i hope this helps