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Then eighter she is pregnant and needs to take a pregnancy test or she may be stressing alot and that causes for her to miss her period

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Q: What if a girl is late on her period by 2 weeks?
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Why did period start 2 weeks late could you still be pregnant?

If you had a normal period, even 2 weeks late - most likely you are not pregnant.

What does it mean when you are 2 weeks late from your period but not pregnant?

you are menopausal

Are you pregnant if your period is 2 weeks late?

there is a chance. do a test.

How late on your period should you be before testing for pregnancy?

2 weeks

What are some things that can cause you to be 2 weeks late on your period?

Stress, Drugs, and Pregnancy.

Is it normal for a 12 year old girl to have her period for 2 weeks?

its normal for 3 days but 2 weeks no thanks

What should you do when you're 2 weeks late for your period?

You take a pregnancy test and see your physician.

Is it possible your pregnant when your period is 2 weeks late then you get it but you have a lot of pregnancy symptoms?

If you are on/had your period your probably not pregnant, but do a pregnancy test to be sure.

Your period is late and im still a virgin what does it mean?

Depends how late it is? if over 2 weeks i recommend you see a Doctor just to be sure

Can you take microgynon to make your periods start after 2 weeks late?

If you have been using the pill regularly, it can cause your periods to become very light or stop all together. If you have not been on BCP and your period is 2 weeks late you should find out why your period is late before taking a drug to make it start.

How long does it take to have signs of pregnancy?

About the first week of your expected period, but they can start as late as 1-2 weeks after your expected week of your period.

Do you consider it normal if periods are delayed by two weeks?

yes its normal. you just had a late period now if you mean ur period lasted for 2 weeks then no. see a doctor theres something wrong and you may need to fix it before to late

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