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yes its normal. you just had a late period now if you mean ur period lasted for 2 weeks then no. see a doctor theres something wrong and you may need to fix it before to late

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Q: Do you consider it normal if periods are delayed by two weeks?
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You have had 3 light periods in 6 weeks is this normal?


Can a women be pregnant if after sex she had two regular periods and waiting for third which is delayed by 2 weeks?

No, she can not be pregnanat because she had a regular period after sex (in fact she had 2 regular periods).

Is there something wrong it took 2 weeks for your periods to end?

No its totally normal

Is it normal to have your period for two weeks?

Everyone's periods are different. Some last a couple of days, others can last weeks. That's probably just what is normal for your body.

Abnormal periods after dnc?

IT is normal. Your periods can resume anywhere from 2-6 weeks after a DNC, but you should not wear a tampon until that time.

After a laparscopy in February you have been having your period every 6 weeks is this normal?

It can cause irregular periods.

Is it normal not to have had a period after giving birth nine weeks ago and breast feeding for four weeks?

Absolutely normal. You will probably find you will have a period very soon as you have stopped breast feeding. You will need to use contraception even if you are not having periods as you can get pregnant before your periods return.

Can you get two normal heavy periods each within 28 days of one another and have no symptoms for ten weeks and still be pregnant?

No. Two normal heavy periods and no symptoms of pregnancy sound like your definitely not pregnant.

Is it normal to have your period for over two weeks?

Regardless of your age, this is not normal. There are a number of things that can cause this and your doctor can help you with these along with a way to help regulate your periods.

Your periods was 6 weeks late could you be pregnant?

my periods was 6 weeks late and i light periods could i be pregrant

After how many weeks can you tell if your pregnant?

Check it to 10 to 2 weeks after a delayed period.

Can periods last for two weeks?

Yeah, periods vary in length for everyone. If you haven't had your period very long then its normal to be irregular. By the time you are 16, your period should be normal. If not, see a doctor. They can prescribe you birth contol which will regulate your period.

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