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You will not be protected against pregnancy and your period may arrive late. You need to use a condom for 2 weeks.

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Q: What happens if you start a new birth control pack a week late?
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What happens if you start your first birth control pill at night and take the next one the next morning?

Taking the next birth control pill early does not impact effectiveness. Taking it late may.

If your a few hours late taking your birth control and start bleeding what stops the bleeding?

Nothing. It's nature.

What happens if you start your next pack of Diane 35 pill 14 hours late?

14 hours is not likely to make a signficant difference, but if you're concerned, use a backup method of birth control for a week.

Is it possible for your period to be late while taking birth control?

Yes, it is possible for your period to be late or stop completely from any hormonal birth control.

Can you take one birth control pill to stimulate your period?

The birth control pill will not stimulate or jump start your period. Talk to your health care provider if your period is more than three months late.

If i took two birth control pills two days in a row because i started late do i need to start a new pack or will it be effective?

Use a backup method of birth control for the first seven days of this pack.

I am on Yaz birth control how late can you start another pack?

You should start the next pack no later than seven days after your last active pill in the previous pack.

You put on a birth control patch a week late Can it make your period late?

Your period may be late if you started the birth control patch a week late. If you had sex during that time, you may be at risk for pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test to be sure.

What if i take my birth control late because i want to get pregnant can i?

If you want to get pregnant, it makes more sense to stop birth control.

Can the birth control pill make your period late?

Hello there. Yes a period can be delayed if you have missed some of your birth control pills.

When should you start the birth control pill if your period ends before Sunday?

You can start the birth control pill at any time in your cycle. If you are set on starting on a Sunday, then you'll need to use a back up method of birth control for a week, unless it's been five days or fewer since you started your period. Traditionally, women in the US started the birth control pill on Sunday. This has an obvious disadvantage - your health care provider's office is closed on Sunday, and many women start their pill late when they notice too late that they're out of pills. Do yourself a favor and consider starting on a weekday, as they do in most other countries.

If your taking birth control and didn't start your period when you was supposed to what does that mean?

You don't have to start the very first day your birth control says you start your period. I usually start late monday, monday nights or tuesday. But if you havn't the whole week, you could be pregnant, or there maybe something wrong with the pills, so go see your doctor, or a teen clinic.