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Yes. tht does mean your pregnant take a test!

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2011-09-12 21:26:49
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Q: If my period is 2 weeks late does that mean im pregnant?
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What does it mean when you are 2 weeks late from your period but not pregnant?

you are menopausal

If hpt was positive and period was two weeks late does that mean I'm pregnant?

most likely yes.

2 weeks you been having cramp feelins in your stomachand your period is late are you pregnant?

you posibly could be pregnant or about to get your period. it could also mean you are having a misscarrige.

What does it mean when your period is one day late?

your period is just late,it doesnt mean that you are pregnant

Your period was 2 weeks and 5 days late Could this mean you are pregnant?

yes it could depending on your age. do a pregnancy test to be sure.

Im am 4 days late for my period am i pregnant?

A late period dosent always mean you are pregnant, You could just have a late peroid. But you might want to check.

Your period is on but its two weeks late are you pregnant?

Doesn't necessarily mean your pregnant but its a possibility. Our periods can change whenever they get ready but if they do its always good to visit a doctor if you have any questions.

Im 2 weeks pregnant and bleeding what does it mean?

you have your period

What does it mean if your period is 3 days late and shorter than normal?

you either have a late period or your pregnant mate.

What does it mean when you have your period 2 weeks early?

Can u be pregnant if urn on urn period

You are two weeks late on your period but you have had 3 pregnancy tests that came back negative does that mean you are pregnant?

i think that you should try going to a gp are you stressed

What does it mean if you spot when you should get your period?

it means that you might be pregnant or that you'er starting your period late

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