Im am 4 days late for my period am i pregnant?

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A late period dosent always mean you are pregnant, You could just have a late peroid. But you might want to check.

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Q: Im am 4 days late for my period am i pregnant?
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What does it mean if im 5 days late for my period?

It means your period is five days late. Only you know your chances of being pregnant.

Im on birth control im 14 years old and your period is 4 days late?

your pregnant

Im 23 days late for your period could you be pregnant?

Yes. Take a pregnancy test

Im late for my period by a few days and i feel like im pregnant i also have been bloated for a while.?

Does not mean that you are pregnant. It could but I do not think that you are.

Im 7 days late on my period can i be pregnant even though you used condom you and your boyfriend?


My period was late 14 days but I ended up getting it does that mean im pregnant?

t ake a test and find out

If my Period is 3 days late but Im having period symptoms could I be pregnant?

you could be i advise you to tell an adult and try a pregnantcy test

Im 3 days late on my period and i been having these cramping is that normal can i be pregnant?

um i dont think so because its happend to me before and i werent pregnant:) x

If im worried about being pregnant could that cause a late period?

Yes it can

You started your period 9 days early im you pregnant?


If my period is 2 weeks late does that mean im pregnant?

Yes. tht does mean your pregnant take a test!

You have had period pain for a wk but no period Im 3days late but you feel like Im pregnant Weve been tryin for 11months now Feeling sick and tired to scared to do a test incase im not?

Oh my god... i have trying for 7 months and still not pregnant. I am one week late and feeling sick for the past few days. Fr the last 3 months i have missed a period and my cycle seems to be around 39 days long.

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