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you have your period

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2010-01-02 16:06:43
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Q: Im 2 weeks pregnant and bleeding what does it mean?
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Im two weeks pregnant and I am bleeding what dose that mean?

This may be implantation bleeding if it's light. If it gets heavy, you need to call your doc.

You had periot two week ago you were trying get pregnant today you sow letht bleeding im pregnant?

i had my periot two weeks ago and am trying get pregnant today i sow letht bleeding could am pregnant

Im bleeding orange and im pregnant?

i am bleeding orange blood

You had no fetal heart beat im cramping and bleeding and you are 14 weeks pregnant?

you most likely had a miscarriage

I took a pregnancy test and it came back posative but then about an hour later I started bleeding does this mean that im not pregnant?

you may be bleeding even if you are pregnant

You are 8 weeks and 5days pregnant and im bleeding its like period does that mean you lost your baby?

It is possible that you are experiencing/did experience a miscarriage. Contact your healthcare provider immediately.

My period was late for 7 days got it on the next day i get bad blood clotts an i think im pregnant i would be 6 7 weeks could this mean anything can I still be pregnant or no I'm bleeding?

no you're not pregnant.

If my period is 2 weeks late does that mean im pregnant?

Yes. tht does mean your pregnant take a test!

I am 6 weeks pregnant and getting cramps on the very low abdomen. left and right side but not both sides at the same time. is this normal?

im 5+ weeks pregnant and ive got cramps on the left side of my abdominal but im not bleeding im 5+ weeks pregnant and ive got cramps on the left side of my abdominal but im not bleeding Hi there and Congrats. I am 4 weeks pregnant and experiencing cramping on my left side. As far as I know it is normal but you should always say it to you doctor to rule out the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy.

Had my period 2weeks ago and 2weeks later im bleeding again?

I just had a period 2 weeks ago then had sex when i got off now im spotting i dont know if it mean im pregnant or not kinda worried myself

Im 35 weeks pregnant and im not bleeding but a huge blood clot juss came out of you what should you do?

Call the doctor or the hospital and ask them if you should come in.

Why am i bleeding and cramping when im 7 weeks pregnant?

You need to go to your doctor because those both are miscarriage signs. Do not wait.

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