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If you see a little box with symbols inside in a message or reply, it means the person used what is called an emoji program. It also can mean that you do not have the correct font installed on your system.

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2014-05-14 23:03:56
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Q: What does the little box symbo mean in facebook?
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What does the little moon shape beside someones name on a facebook chat box mean?

I had sex with a man once.

I want to know what the little green box means I see on friends on chat on facebook?

The green box means dat ur friend is online and available for chat

How do you know if someone is on facebook online now?

Look at the bottom right there is a little box. click it then it will tell you if nobody or friends are online.

How do you show that your married in the little about box on your timeline?

On Facebook, you can show that you are married in the little box on your timeline by editing your "About" section. You can do this by hovering over the section with your mouse and selecting the "edit" button on the top right. From there, you can make your relationship visible to visitors.

How do you add a movie to Facebook?

If you mean add videos, click on the picture of the video camera under the box where you update your status.

What does it mean when it says seen on your facebook messages?

The person who you sent a message to has clicked on the chat box of yours and theirs conversation.

What is a 'box on Facebook?

on your page, under ur profial picture, theres a white box

Facebook why are you getting everyones messages from Facebook on your yahoo mail?

because you clicked a box saying you want to get updates from facebook sent to your email

How can I use a Facebook post button if my Facebook comment box doesnt have it?

Just press the enter button.

When was Big Box Little Box created?

Big Box Little Box was created on 2011-10-24.

How do you clear your chat box on Facebook?

There is an exit on the side of the box and it only show when your mouse is on it and then click it.

Relationship status on facebook?

are you looking for how to do it or what? to do it, you go to your profile, go to your information box, click the little pencil on the right hand side of the box and a box is going to open, go down to "edit profile", on the left hand side there is a box that says "relationship" click that and just choose your relationship status.

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