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are you looking for how to do it or what? to do it, you go to your profile, go to your information box, click the little pencil on the right hand side of the box and a box is going to open, go down to "edit profile", on the left hand side there is a box that says "relationship" click that and just choose your relationship status.

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Q: Relationship status on facebook
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Why can't I change my relationship status on Facebook?

Facebook is jealous.

Why doesn't Facebook have a taken relationship status?

It's called "in a relationship".

How do you change relationship status on facebook from android?

You can't

What is a energypyramid?

if you have your relationship status on facebook as "in a relationship" but it doesn't say with who, then your freakin lying

What does. relationship status mean?

a relationship status is like;; what your relationship is... are you married divorced single complicated relationship in a relationship these are all status's of which you can be in a relationship (: hope that helped and wasn't too confusing :/ If you have facebook.. or a social net work site. You relationship status is if you are in a relationship or not.

How do you put your pictures in relationship status on Facebook?

like this: kjhdkjhfk

How do you create your own relationship status on facebook?

If you want to put yourself in a relationship with somebody, go to your profile and select "Edit your Profile" near your profile picture. "Featured People" should be part of the tabs on the left hand side, and you can search for someone's name to be in any kind of relationship Facebook allows when typing it in. When you send it to the person, it will say on your profile "In a relationship". It won't say with who until the person who receives it gets a notification in the same section you get "Pokes" from and it will have a red heart near it saying, Relationship Request: (The person who sent it to the other person) and once they comfirm it. It will be "Facebook Official" and appear as "In a Relationship with (the person)" Hope this helps!

Can you change your relationship status on Facebook on your cell phone?


How do you add your spouse on your relationship status if he doesnt have a facebook?

You cant

How do you change your relationship status on Facebook on an iPhone?

First you will need to be logged in - (Trick answer). On most mobile phones you can either view from the Mobile site or the Full Site (Full site is the only option to change/edit your information). Once you are logged into the full site, you will need to view your profile. Once your page has uploaded (if you are using the new fb layout) you will click the info button to the left of the page. At the bottom of the info page there you will find basic info and the option to edit your status, name, work, education etc. So if you are single ----- spell it out! Hope this helps...

Why is everyone's Facebook status Redbul?

It's for breast cancer, If your a girl you would or will probably get a message saying what to put as your status by what your relationship status is redbull means they are in a relationship....