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The green box means dat ur friend is online and available for chat

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Q: I want to know what the little green box means I see on friends on chat on facebook?
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Who is your mutual friend on facebook?

Your mutual friend on facebook is a one of your friends other friends. If you have 2 mutual friends, it means two of your friends are friends with this one person whom you are not

In the Facebook chat bar what does it mean when there?

It means you can chat to people on Facebook who are your friends and are online when you are.

What does mutual friend means in facebook?

it means friends in common or you share the same friends :) Example.....You and your friend danny (just go with it) is both friends with rebecca on facebook . rebecca is a mutral friend of danny:)

On facebook what does it mean to follow?

It means that you can see their posts but you are not friends with them.

What does bff on Facebook?

BFF means Best Friends Forever

What does the clear circle mean and the green circle mean on Facebook chat?

green means available. clear means idle.

On Facebook what are mutual friends?

On facebook mutual friends are people who have some of the same friends as you.

In Facebook chat bar what the meaning of the green sircle beside your friends name which appears sometimes?

It means that they are currently online and active. If it is a crescent moon that means they are still online but have been inactive for 5 minutes or more.

When you sign in at Facebook do your friends know you're online?

when you sign in on facebook, there should be a button with a little head with a dot beside it at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. If its greeen that means you are online. Once online there should be a little rectangular thing beside it that says "online friends ___" (___= # of people on) If the dot is red, click on the button and say go online.

What does it mean if you cannot see a person's facebook page but they the person still shows up on your friends page?

It means they have customized their privacy settings so you can't see anything they do on facebook, but you are still one of their facebook friends.

What does it mean when you view friends on Facebook and it says 1 of 2 and only shows 1?

The second number means you have 2 friends, and the first means what it is showing. It means you have 2 friends, but is only showing one.