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In order to use Facebook chat on an Android tablet, you should download an app for it. Messenger is the best. It's available in the Play Store, and it's free.

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2014-06-10 21:31:55
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Q: How do you enable facebook chat box using Android tablet?
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How do you chat in facebook using Android tablet?

you need to install the facebook messenger app.

Could I use the android tablet for work purposes?

Yes you can use your android tablet for work purposes. You can download apps that will enable you to work using your tablet. New technology is consistently added that will aide you.

What is an andriod?

Android is an application that is using on mobile or tablet.

What does the gravity sensor do on a Android tablet?

for game using

Can you text on an Android tablet without using wifi?


How can I translate New Feeds in Facebook Are there an application for android?

You translate the New Feeds in Facebook using the translation application which is available for android.

How do you take pics and upload them on fb with an Android tablet?

Given that your tablet has a camera (front-facing or rear-facing), you can simply use the camera app to capture a photo, then upload it to Facebook by using Android's share menu available in the Gallery app. Share it with the Facebook app and you'll be prompted to add a description.Tip: You can upload multiple photos by long-pressing a photo in the gallery view.

Can you charge an Android tablet using you laptop?

Yes. Use the USB on the computer.

How do you get music on a tablet?

If you're using an iPad, use the iTunes app. If you're using an Android tablet, download "free music download" from Google Play to get music. If you're using a Windows tablet, use the Windows Marketplace & go to the "Music" section.

Can you download iTunes to a android tablet?

No I Dont think you can download iTunes to an android tablet because iTunes is made by Apple? But if you want to download music onto your tablet you can plug into a laptop/computer using a usb. Download some music from the internet or using youtube converter, Copy and paste it in to your music file of your tablet. Safely unplug your usb and there should be music in your audio player.

Is it difficult to turn nook HD into Android tablet using win32image?

Turning a Nook to an Android devise can be tricky. You have to download and save the Android operating system on to an SD card and install it onto your Nook.

How do you sync an Android tablet and computer?

You first need to connect the tablet to a computer using a usb cable. Then, you need to enter "settings" on your tablet and look for a sync option. It will usually read "sync now" or something similar. The tablet will then sync to your computer.

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