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I had sex with a man once.

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Q: What does the little moon shape beside someones name on a facebook chat box mean?
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A simile is a form of expression using "like" or "as," to compare to unlike thngs to each other. so you could compare: eyes of potates...with... with someones eyes. fronds of a carrots... with... someones hair shape of a vegetable.. with someones or somethings shape. colour of a vegtable with someones or somethings colour. etc.

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it means there idl(away etc..)

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1st way: There is a "Chat" button of the bottom right side of your facebook page. Click on it to find who are on and offline. 2nd way: Type in your friend's name and look the shape beside their names. If it is green coloured circle, it means he/she is online. If the circle is white, it show he/she is offline

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