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NO. Although some people like to think so, there is nothing at all to suggest that the song "Let it Be" is about marijuana (aka Mary Jane). The Beatles wrote other songs about marijuana, but this wasn't one of them. It's a big stretch and a total fabrication to attribute the poignant and very pointed lyrics to some kind of tribute to marijuana. The fact that it was played at Paul's wife Linda's funeral only reinforces the fact that the song has a more lofty meaning. Paul loved Linda dearly. He wasn't fondly and publicly remembering his beloved wife as a pothead. This song has much deeper meaning: 1. The group was butting heads big time and this was Paul's inspired and personal response to their bickering. The song gave (him) hope and comfort. 2. Paul himself says the song was inspired by a dream at the time about his own mother (Mary), who died when he was only 14. She came to him in his dream speaking words of comfort to him. This dream (or the idea of it) may have come to him in answer to the stresses he was experiencing with the group. 3. The choice of the words "mother Mary" have obvious Christian/Catholic overtones that Paul clearly inserted deliberately. It's impossible that he wouldn't have noticed the religious connotation. Irrespective of whatever his personal faith was or wasn't, Paul clearly liked the idea that people would interpret it as a song about Jesus's mother. If nothing else, he must have thought it would give the song elevated appeal and mystique. Note that it's highly unlikely that Paul would ever have called his own mother by her first name. He wouldn't have called his own mother "mother Mary". Note also that Jesus's mother Mary said the words "Let it be done to me". No small coincidence to be sure. It's a brilliant and heart-touching song. It's not a witty spoof. ...PM

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Q: Is the song let it be about marijuana?
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