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As big as you let them.

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Q: How big do indoor marijuana plants get?
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How tall do indoor marijuana plants grow before maturing?

2 to 5 feet

How many marijuana plants it take to get 16 ounces?

well depends on how you grow them indoor or outdoor i say 8 plants

How long before indoor marijuana plants produce buds?

Usually like 4 to 6 weeks depending on the plants condition.

Should you cut off the big leaves on marijuana plants?


How can you tell from guy marijuana plants from girl marijuana plants?

There he/she

How much does marijuana grows?

Yield of a marijuana plant depends on the conditions under which growing occurs, as well as the strain, or breed, of marijuana. Typically, indoor, high-grade marijuana (such as Kush or Dank) yields anywhere from 20 grams to 3 ounces. Outdoor growing presents higher yields. Certain plants can yield over a pound of marijuana if grown outdoors.

How big should an indoor skate park be?

a big indoor skatepark is around 40,00sq ft

What grows in the winter?

indoor plants.

What is marijuana seeds used for?

growing marijuana plants

Are jade plants indoor plants?

Jade plants are indoor plants or houseplants. They can grow to the height of 5 feet and are shrub-like plants.

Do I need to use fertilizer for indoor plants?

Its good to use fertilizer at least once a year on indoor plants to keep them healthy.

What is a person speaking of ScrOg refering to?

ScrOg, or Screen of Green, is a term used in the indoor growing of plants, specifically marijuana. A screen and netting is used to hold plants upward and towards the lights that are used for growing. The plants are trained to grow through the screen and netting.

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