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four weeks

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Q: How long should stop smoking marijuana before mouth swab drug test?
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Does a person get dry mouth from smoking crack?

A person may get dry mouth from smoking crack. People also get dry mouth from smoking a lot of Marijuana.

How does marijuana get into the body?

Though the mouth via smoking

How does marijuana get into the human body?

Though the mouth via smoking

Can a mouth swab test be affected if smoking marijuana 3 hours before a test is carried out to determine weather a child is someones?

Shouldn't be. A mouth swab test is testing DNA. Marijuana has nothing to do with your DNA, which cannot be changed.

Does smoking marijuana cause infection if you have a open wound in mouth?

yes it does infact

What are the negative health effects of smoking marijuana?

the negative effects are it give you a dry mouth and its not a premanet high

After you get mouth cancer should you stop smoking?


You are a daily marijuana user with a mouth swab test how long should you go without smoking too pass?

if you take a vitamin called b100. i would say about 2 weeks. other than that it should take a month to get out.

Is your system clean after 7 weeks without smoking marijuana?

yes you are definitely clear you only need like a mouth at the most

What is the color of your tongue after smoking marijuana?

the color of your tongue generally doesnt change. but the cotton mouth associated with marijuana will give it a dried out appearance sometimes with a thick coat of white saliva.

Is it safe to vaporize medical marijuana after a tooth is pulled?

Our sources say that it is safer than smoking it, by far; avoid creating a lot of vacuum in your mouth, which is the primary reason smoking after an extraction is discouraged.

How long will it take to pass a mouth swab drug test for marijuana?

48 to 72 hours should do it. Marijuana exits the fat cells within your mouth in 72 hours.