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Though the mouth via smoking

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Marijuana can enter the body through inhalation (smoking or vaping), ingestion (edibles or drinks), or absorption (topical creams or patches). When inhaled, the active compounds in marijuana are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs, leading to rapid effects. When ingested, the compounds are metabolized by the liver before entering the bloodstream, resulting in delayed but longer-lasting effects.

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Q: How does marijuana get into the human body?
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What does marijuana do for the human body?

Pain relief.

What are the ways on how you removed fast the marijuana in the body?

There are no ways to remove marijuana from the human body quickly. The best way to keep it out of a body is not to partake in its consumption.

What could marijuana cause in human body?

Jack shish

Does marijuana have any good use to the human body?

No, it kills your body and your brain cells

Is THC found in the human body?

Yes, THC can be found in the human body after consuming cannabis products. It is stored in fat cells and metabolized by the liver into different compounds. Detection of THC in the body can vary based on factors such as frequency of use and metabolism.

How useful is Marijuana to the human body?

No, it is not bad for the body it is considered a medicine for patients with such deseases, cancer, glacoma, aids...etc

What is the least deadly drug?

I would say that marijuana is the least deadly drug. Even alcohol is far more damaging to the human body than marijuana.

Does the marijuana remove the sodium from the human system?

No. Sweating, urinating and crying remove the access sodium from your body.

Why are people afraid of durgs?

Cause there are some drugs that can be harmful to the human body. These drugs are in the "Hardcore" category such as meth, crack, LSD, and cocaine. Other drugs such as marijuana people are only afraid cause society tells them to be. Honestly marijuana has no negative affect on the human body or brain.

Is marijuana harmful to the body?

no marijuana is good for you

What provides stability a bone ligament tendon or muscle?

Actually, it isn't any of these. What provides stability in the human body is Marijuana.

What or the long tems on the human body using marijuana?

Long term use of marijuana on the body causes the person's heart rate to speed up and the blood vessels in the eyes expand. The brain can also deteriorate critical life skills over time.