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There are no ways to remove marijuana from the human body quickly. The best way to keep it out of a body is not to partake in its consumption.

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Q: What are the ways on how you removed fast the marijuana in the body?
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What are wo ways that liquid waste is removed from your body?

Two ways that liquid waste is removed from your body... sweating and urination

What are two ways that wastes are removed from your body?

Perspiration and urination

What are the best ways to flush the body of marijuana?

drink kool-aid packets with water

Describe the two ways that heat is removed from your body?

Sweating and Excreting urine

How are toxins removed from the body?

There are three ways; Urinating, Sweating and Bowel movements.

What are Two ways marijuana is put into the body?

Smoking and oral ingestion are two very popular routes of administration.

Quick ways of come clean from marijuana?

There are no quick ways. There is no magic drink or pills that you can take. It just takes time for your body to filter your system of the drugs.

How waste is removed from the body?

Waste is removed through the body in two ways- Excrement (Poop) or urine. the extra minerals and vitamins, along with any extra waste, is removed through these two methods.

What can fast food do to you?

Fast food can hurt your body in multiple ways. Such as having a much higher fat intake than your body requires and clog your arteries.

What are the different ways to smoke Marijuana?

The most common way to smoke Marijuana is through Pipes. WikiAnswers will not provide information on ways to smoke Marijuana.

What alternative ways of getting the benefits of medical marijuana exist other than smoking it?

The panel of experts who wrote the report also recommended that researchers investigate other ways of getting the active ingredients of marijuana into the body, such as nasal sprays, skin patches and inhalers.

What are two ways that liquid wastes are removed from your body?

Well. the 3 most common ways are:sweatin the air we breathe outand in urination.TADAA. hope that was helpful ^_^EMILY.