Does a person get dry mouth from smoking crack?

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A person may get dry mouth from smoking crack. People also get dry mouth from smoking a lot of Marijuana.

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Q: Does a person get dry mouth from smoking crack?
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Can smoking cause spitting of blood?

Smoking can dry out your mouth and airway which can result in bleeding.

Does smoking mariijuna cause dry mouth?

yes it does but if you are used to smoking alot you probably wont

How does smoking effect your mouth?

Smoking causes numerous damage to your mouth. Smoking will cause the taste buds to be burned making food less enjoyable and your sense of smell will lessen. Smoking also increases the risk of mouth diseases, including mouth cancer. In addition, it will cause dry lips and bad breath.

What can smoking cannabis lead to?

Euphoria, increased appetite, dry mouth, and an increased need to do nothing.

What are the negative health effects of smoking marijuana?

the negative effects are it give you a dry mouth and its not a premanet high

What are the sings that someone is smoking weed?

the SIGNS are red eyes, dry mouth and smelling like weed

Why is your mouth still sore 5 days after having a tooth extracted?

Dry socket.....stop smoking

Does smoking marijuana create dry socket or just cigarettes?

Smoking anything will cause dry socket, as well as drinking from a straw. The reason you get it is because of the change of pressure in your mouth. So I wouldn't suggest it

Is it good to drink water after smoking?

Yes. It's always good to hydrate and water helps alleviate dry mouth.

When are you in the clear of dry socket?

A person will be in the clear of a dry socket after about 10 days. A dry socket can be avoided by not using a straw or smoking after getting a tooth pulled.

What are some of the effects taking crack cocaine?

You get tired really fast. You will also get hungry , have depression, get a dry mouth, and have headaches, and heart attacks.

What is the cause of dry mouth dry tongue and dry eyes?

the cause of dry mouth, dry tongue, and dry eyes is when wind goes in your mouth or eyes, and your not closing them

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