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A person may get dry mouth from smoking crack. People also get dry mouth from smoking a lot of Marijuana.

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Q: Does a person get dry mouth from smoking crack?
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Does smoking mariijuna cause dry mouth?

yes it does but if you are used to smoking alot you probably wont

Can smoking cause spitting of blood?

Smoking can dry out your mouth and airway which can result in bleeding.

What can smoking cannabis lead to?

Euphoria, increased appetite, dry mouth, and an increased need to do nothing.

What are the negative health effects of smoking marijuana?

the negative effects are it give you a dry mouth and its not a premanet high

What are some of the effects taking crack cocaine?

You get tired really fast. You will also get hungry , have depression, get a dry mouth, and have headaches, and heart attacks.

If you have medicine for dry socket in your mouth can you smoke a cigarette?

It's definitely not smart to smoke a cigarette with dry socket. As the socket tries to heal and reclot, smoking can prolong the healing process even more. Many dry sockets are believed to be caused by smoking initially, so just quit for a while and let it heal.

Is it good to drink water after smoking?

Yes. It's always good to hydrate and water helps alleviate dry mouth.

What are the effects of pot smoking?

Euphoria, Dry mouth (Cotton mouth), increased appetite, everything appears slower, slower reaction time, increased pleasure from music, delusional (in some cases), sleepiness.

Can rubber tires crack if left on concrete?

They can crack, but not from the concrete. The crack from age and dry rot.

What causes your skin to crack and peel on your nose and around your mouth?

It could just be chapped lips and/or dry skin. I wouldn't worry about it unless it's really bad.

What do you think will happen if a person takes place in a large amount of seawater?

the person's mouth will feel very dry and will vomit.

Why does morphine give you a dry mouth?

why do morphine give me dry mouth