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yes it does infact

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2011-09-01 03:24:10
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Q: Does smoking marijuana cause infection if you have a open wound in mouth?
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What diseases can marijuana cause?

Smoking marijuana can cause lung, mouth, or throat cancer. That's about it.

Can smoking with a cut in your mouth cause infection?

Easily. Bacteria can be transferred from environmental surfaces to your fingers and to the cigarette, thence to your mouth.

How does marijuana get into the body?

Though the mouth via smoking

Does a person get dry mouth from smoking crack?

A person may get dry mouth from smoking crack. People also get dry mouth from smoking a lot of Marijuana.

How does marijuana get into the human body?

Though the mouth via smoking

Does weed smoking cause infection in mouth?

no it causes you to talk slower and be a complete idiot and laugh at things that arent funny

Does smoking marijuana create dry socket or just cigarettes?

Smoking anything will cause dry socket, as well as drinking from a straw. The reason you get it is because of the change of pressure in your mouth. So I wouldn't suggest it

Can marijuana cause mono?

Mononucleosis is a bacterial infection that is spread by passing bodily fluids, from mouth to mouth. Now, if you have been passing a 'joint' around in a group of people, you can catch 'mono' from the other persons' mouth and saliva.

What are the physical consequences of marijuana use?

Smoking marijuana can cause lung, mouth, or throat cancer. That's about it. Also, chronic marijuana users usually suffer from short-term memory problems, but this usually clears up once the person has quit using.

How can you die from smoking?

you could die from smoking if you got really high and if you operated a car or any heavy machinery. Or if you smoke often for a long time it could cause lung cancer or mouth cancer. But other than that smoking (marijuana) is completely harmless

Can smoking cause spitting of blood?

Smoking can dry out your mouth and airway which can result in bleeding.

How does smoking effect your mouth?

Smoking causes numerous damage to your mouth. Smoking will cause the taste buds to be burned making food less enjoyable and your sense of smell will lessen. Smoking also increases the risk of mouth diseases, including mouth cancer. In addition, it will cause dry lips and bad breath.

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