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Smoking marijuana can cause lung, mouth, or throat cancer. That's about it.

Also, chronic marijuana users usually suffer from short-term memory problems, but this usually clears up once the person has quit using.

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Q: What are the physical consequences of marijuana use?
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Why was marijuana criminalised?

The use of marijuana can cause those who use it to become psychologically dependent on it. This can cause them to do whatever they can to fulfill their desire for marijuana. They may commit acts of violence, or breaches of the law, all to get more marijuana. The criminalization of marijuana was supposed to provide harsh consequences for those who opened their lives to the evils of marijuana. Marijuana was criminalized because the users of marijuana become dependent on it and often do things that they would not do if they were not psychologically dependent on marijuana. The criminalization of marijuana theoretically will help more people abstain from use of marijuana because of the harsh consequences. Marijuana can be harmful to the human body, some people also say there are benefits.

Consequences of smoking marijuana?

No. never in history has someone died from marijuana use compared to the millions dying from alcohol and tobacco every year. Smoking it Harms the lungs, but so does smoking anything.Also, people thinks it kills brain cells. But you have a better chance of killing brain cells well you inhale helium. And it never even kills them. It drys them out. which mean when blood flows back threw your head, they will come back.Opinion 2:In a 2007 study (see the related link below), research indicated that even infrequent use of marijuana can lead to a 40% increased risk of developing psychosis, which is a serious mental disease.This is just one of many studies supporting the fact that using marijuana can most certainly be detrimental to one's health.

What are consequences for smoking marijuana in Canada?

There are some in Canada who've tried to "decriminalize" marijuana unsuccessfully. Marijuana use and possession is still illegal with an arrest equivalent to that of a misdemeanor arrest in the US.

What is marijuana physical changes?

what is marijuana physical changes

What are the physical consequences of marijuana use in males and in females?

Pretty much just laziness I have smoked for about a year now and im doing great in school and I play basketball and wrestle so I don't see how its harmed me.

Four potential health consequences of stimulants?

the health consequences can either be mental, or physical the health consequences can either be mental, or physical

What are the mental consequences of using marijuana?

You can get schizophrenia and you can become paranoid

What happens if an underage gets caught with marijuana?

There is no marijuana age so it would be the same consequences as an overage person.

What are the physical addictions of marijuana?

There are none, the only way to get addicted to marijuana is mentally .

Is marijuana eddictive?

Marijuana is psychologically addicting but there is no evidence for any physical addiction.

What are the physical consequences of using cocaine?

Depending on when and how much, enlarged pupils, sweats. But with prolonged use your nose may collapse.