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The use of marijuana can cause those who use it to become psychologically dependent on it. This can cause them to do whatever they can to fulfill their desire for marijuana. They may commit acts of violence, or breaches of the law, all to get more marijuana.

The criminalization of marijuana was supposed to provide harsh consequences for those who opened their lives to the evils of marijuana. Marijuana was criminalized because the users of marijuana become dependent on it and often do things that they would not do if they were not psychologically dependent on marijuana.

The criminalization of marijuana theoretically will help more people abstain from use of marijuana because of the harsh consequences.

Marijuana can be harmful to the human body, some people also say there are benefits.

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Q: Why was marijuana criminalised?
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Marijuana is criminalized because it was associated with Mexican immigrants competing for jobs with whites at the time. It was more of a part of the immigrant culture than of the "American" culture, and thus its criminalization was a way to disproportionately punish immigrants who were thought to have taken "white" jobs.

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