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oregano is something offtenly sold as marijuana

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Q: What is sold as marijuana but is not marijuana?
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Where does most of the marijuana sold today come from?

Marijuana is grown and sold all over the world. It would be impossible to pinpoint where exactly "most" originates at.

Is the marijuana sold today weaker than that sold in the 60's?

Quite the contrary! Marijuana is much stronger today than it was in the 60's.

Is Marijuana sold in stores in the state California?


What drugs are sold in the Mexican cartel?

There are many kinds of drugs sold by the Mexican drug cartels, for example: marijuana, heroin, and cocaine.

Is there any illegal medicine from Marijuana sold in United states?

Still many Marijuana medicines are not allowed to sell openly, but still we can find some marijuana products, being sold illegaly, why are they not regulated like other cough medicines, and all other medicines which may cause addiction on overdose.

How marijuana is get to the market?

Step one: It's grown Step 2: It's sold

Where is marijuana sold in the US?

Many people sell marijuana. No one will realy give there name, so it is not certain who. If you are asking this question to get drugs, then please seek help.

What is a dime sack?

A dime sack is a small quantity of drugs, typically marijuana, sold for $10. It is often used as slang in the drug trade to refer to a specific amount of the substance being sold.

Will legal bud affect a urine analysis?

Yes. Marijuana is still marijuana and tests out the same whether it is sold legaly or illegaly. Actually "legal buds" is not marijuana, but a substitute. However, there are drug tests for "synthetic weed" too.

How would you buy marijuana if it were legalized?

From the stores, because I'm guessing that if its legal its going to be sold in stores.

Marijuana is typically sold in the form of cut dried leaves and stems?

Yes, and a couple seeds aswell.

Are marijuana seeds illegal in the united kingdom?

They are not illegal, no. There are plenty of online stores that sell marijuana seeds legally in the U.K. Marc Emery was not charged for the seeds he sold from the U.K. as it's not illegal there.