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From the stores, because I'm guessing that if its legal its going to be sold in stores.

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Q: How would you buy marijuana if it were legalized?
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Has GA legalized marijuana?

Georgia has not legalized marijuana, and there is currently no initiative to. Currently, it is only legalized for medicinal purposes - if a doctor prescribes you medicinal marijuana.

Did marijuana get legalized?


If marijuana was legalized, would it help raise funds for the US economy?

If marijuana was legalized, it would help the US economy, as the government would be able to start taxing it like they do tabacco and alcohol.

Which states legalized marijuana?

where is marijuana legal

Will marijuana be legalized in 2010?


For what reason should marijuana be legalized?

Marijuana should be legalized because patients should not be arrested for taking their medicine.

Should the use of marijuana be legalized for nonmedicinal use?

Yes marijauna should be completely legalized. Marijuana is the most widely used and biggest money maker in the country. If it was legalized and taxed like cigarettes the U.S. would be out of debt in no time.

What countries have marijuana legalized?


How many of the US have legalized marijuana?

18+ States have been legalized Marijuana. They are:CaliforniaAlaskaOregonWashingtonMaineColoradoHawaiiNevadaMontanaRhode IslandNew MexicoVermontMichiganArizonaNew JerseyDelawareWashington DCConnecticutMassachusetts

Why isn't marijuana legalized in the United States of America?

Marijuana is not legalized in the U.S.A. simply for the hazardous effects it has on the human mentality and body.

Why might marijuana become legal?

If marijuana were to be legalized then the taxes we'd make from it would top any other crop in the US.

Will marijuana ever be legalized in Arkansas?


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