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Several months because your hair and fat cells still will have the drug.

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Q: How long does THC oil stay in your system?
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How long does hash oil stay in your system?

I guess I would have to say because it's concentrated THC, just as long as marijuana would stay in your system. About 6 months from when you did it.

Does red bull get THC out of your system?

No it can't cuzz THC stay in you fat. If wanna get THC out just work out alot and drink fish oil 2000mg every 12 hour for at least 3-5 day

Do fish oil clean your system of THC?


How long does omega 3 fish oil stay in your system?

60 hrs

What can you drink to get THC out of your system?

Vinegar and olive oil usually does it slightly faster.

How long does cannabis oil stay in system?

Cannabis is stored in fat and can be detected for up to 77 days

How long does it take for THC to get out your body with 2 fish oil pills?

Just as long as it would if you hadn't taken them.

What is the longest time you can stay on an oil rig?

please tell me how long you stay on a offshore oil rig

Is there more THC in marijuana than hash oil?

No, hash oil is much, much more potent than marijuana. Good weed has at least a 10% THC content, and the most potent weed on earth has around a 30% THC content. Hashish has about a 20% to 40% THC content, and hash oil has about a 70% THC content.

What should you do to cleanse THC out of your system?

eat well take multy vitamins garlic pills cod liver oil cranberry juice stay away from pot smokers or better still bush government to lift proabition and tax pot.

How long does boat oil last in can?

We found boat oil still in the can how long does it stay good before it goes bad

Does THC show up in hemp seed oil lotion?

No. Hemp seeds contain no THC at all.

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