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No. Hemp seeds do not contain any THC at all.

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Q: Will hemp seeds cause a false positive THC result?
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Can tea cause a THC false positive?

No, but sesame seeds can.

Can poppy seeds cause false positive for synephrine in urine test?


What can cause a false positive test for meth?

i have herd that eating poppy seeds that are found in pastry cakes can cause a false positive test for meth. poppy seeds cause a positive for marijuana - not meth. Actually you are both very wrong. Poppy seeds can cause a false positive for opiates(heroin, morphine, etc). Opiates are made from the poppy plant. Wow who ever said these top two are STUPID. I am speachless.

What nuts or seeds that would cause a person to test positive in a drug test?

Poppy seeds can cause a false positive on a drug test, however it would have to be a lot of them.

What causes a false positive for opiates?

Poppy seeds; and it's spelled "opiates".

Can flax seed oil give you a false positive drug test for Oxycontin?

Will flax seeds make you test positive for cocaine

You failed a drug test but you know you were Clean how can this be?

You can get a false positive on a drug test a few different ways. For example, if you eat something that contains poppy seeds like a hard roll; you will test positive for opiate drugs. There are also some legal over-the-counter medications that can cause false positives.

What can cause a morphine false positive?

Taking a drug that has morphine in it. This includes heroin. Heroin will return a positive result for morphine. Morphine of course will also; however, morphine is rarely available on the street.

Can poppy seed cause a false positive on a drug screen?

Sesame seeds are fine to eat for people who can get tested for drugs. Poppy seeds are a different story. FWIW, some agencies have raised the cutoff for opiates to 2000 ng/ml to eliminate poppy seed as a cause of a positive opiate screen.

How many poppy seeds do you have to take for a drug test to show up as coke?

no amount, poppy seeds only give a false positive for, heroin or, opiates !

Can amaranth cause a positive on a drug test?

Will injerting amaranth or quinos seeds cuse a positive marijuna testing

How long after eating poppy seeds will you test positive for opiates and how long will the test register a positive result?

5 to 6 hours