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Due to it's oil base, THC will store itself in your fat cells. Once stored in these cells, any chance the body has to utilize it's fat reserves, will release the contents of these cells, including the THC. So, in other words, the THC may remain in your body for an indefinite amount of time, and can be released at any time. As far as cleaning your blood, depending on how much fluid intake you have, can take anywhere from 2 days to a week or so, but remember as soon as the fat cells release, the blood gets a new dose of THC...even several years down the road(possibly). So drink a lot of water and eat alot(high calorie, complex carbs) the days before the test...Good Luck!

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Q: What is good for clean the marijuana out the urine?
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What a good way to get marijuana out of your urine?

Quit smoking joints; get clean !

Can clean marijuana out of the urine?


Will dark vinegar clean marijuana out of your urine?

no your best bet is to exercise and buy some kind of drink advertised to clean your urine. keep in mind nothing is 100% when it comes to removing a substance from your urine. good luck.

How many cranberry pills you should take to clean your urine of marijuana?


How long does it take detox pills to clean your urine for a drug test for marijuana?

25 seconds

Does cerasee tea clean THC out of urine?

Does cerase tea take marijuana out of system

You smoked one hit of marijuana you were clean for over a year before that will this show up in a hair or urine test?

probably in a hair test but not in urine

Is baking soda good to clean your system from marijuana?


Will cranberry juice clean your urine of illegal drugs?

There is no good evidence to say that it does. Do NOT rely on it. Most drugs -- with the notable exception of marijuana -- leave your system in about 3 to 5 days, anyway.

If urine show is clean but marijuana may still be in the blood will that show in urine collected while menstruating?

Menstruation does not expell any blood, contrary to the uninformed belief.

Does the vale detox pill clean urine for marijuana?

Yes. I have used the 1x Vale Detox Pill a number of times for a standard test strip urine drug test.

How long does activated charcoal take to clean marijuana out of your urine?

hi golden time is 1st hour after using illegal drugs