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The HIV medication Atripla causes false positive THC urinalysis tests.

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Q: What causes a false positive urinalysis test result for THC?
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Will azithromycin cause a positive urinalysis?

False positive causes for positive heme or bili urine dipstick

What could cause false positive urinalysis result alcohol?

Since the urinalysis is testing specifically for the presence of alchohol in your excretory system, nothing.

What could cause a false positive urinalysis for marijuana?

can prilosec (omeprazole) cause a false positive for thc?

Can lamictal and or lexapro give a false positive pcp result on a stick test urinalysis?

Yes! Lamictal will show a false positive on drug screens. You can have a lab use a maspectrometer specifically for PCP in order to officially rule it as a "false positive."

Can the presription medication Loratab give a false positive of Cocaine in a urinalysis?


What does a medical assistant report when a urinalysis produces a false positive result for a medical condition?

A positive result, obviously, since the assistant has no way of knowing that it is a false-positive. It is up to the doctor to consider the odds that the test was a false positive (see: test specificity and sensitivity) together with clinical signs, symptoms, history, epidemiology, and the results of other tests in making a diagnosis

What medicines can create a false positive on a urinalysis test for synthetic marijuana?


What helps rid your system of marijuana?

If a person takes Cymbalta, Adderall, Centroid, and Zanax, can these medications give a marijana false / positive result on a urinalysis test?

What causes a false positive for methadone?

False positive for methadone

What causes false positive for methadone?

False positive for methadone

Can ibuprofen cause a false positive marijuana urinalysis test?

No. They are completely unrelated compounds.

What causes a false positive for PCP?

can methadone cause false positive for pcp

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